How to Watch Hulu Plus in Canada

how to get hulu plus in Canada
Time Involved: 20 mins
Skill level: Beginner

Hulu Plus in a monthly is paid subscription (7.99 USD) service similar to Netflix except focus is on current television and recently released movies.

Get Hulu Plus in Canada

To access and watch content from Hulu Plus in Canada you need a US Proxy Service. You can find these free- which I don’t recommend unless you enjoy being disconnected while watching TV.
The service I use and recommend is UnBlockUS which is paid (4.99/ month). You can use any service- this is just the one I like and find it the easiest to set up and no complaints after 4+ years of using.

They have free 7 day trial when you sign up- and do not ask for any payment information unless you want to sign up. They accept major credit cards and PayPal. ( I prefer using PayPal for this kind of thing- I can just cancel service by cancelling PayPal subscription and not have to jump though hoops with a company and rely on them to cancel.)

How to Watch Hulu Plus in Canada:

1) Get US Proxy Service
Recommended: UnBlockUs
Sign up for a proxy service before going forward. Will take 2 minutes or less. You just have to give your email address. You need to do this because US content only sites bounce any connection that does not have a US IP address. Basically a proxy service gives you an IP address that appears to be in the US. This is entirely legal so don’t fret.

You will need to set up your router with the DNS setting they give you at sign up. Login in to your router. For MOST broadband routers you login in with the IP address of UnBlockUs has list of pretty much every router and easy intructions on how to change.

2)Get Hulu Plus
Sign up with Hulu. If you have trouble with your Canadian credit my first recommendation is buy a HULU gift card online and use that as payment method.

3) Hulu PLus Compatible device
WDTV Live, Roku, PS3 AND PS4, Android, etc
Sign in with your Hulu account info and you’re good to go!