How to Change Your Netflix Region- Watch US Netflix in UK and Canada

How to Change your Netflix Region – Watching Netflix from Other Countries

You hear in all the time that people are watching US Netflix in Canada or other places outside of the United States. How are they doing it and is it hard?

When you have a Netflix account- Netflix decides which content to show you based on where you are physically located.
If I am in Ireland i will get Irish Netflix. If I am in Mexico I will get Mexican Netflix content.
If I am in the US- I will be able to get US Netflix content.

By fooling Netflix into thinking you are in different countries – you can access most of the available content Netflix has to offer.

Is it hard to do? Not really. It takes about 15 minutes. If you can set up a wireless router you can watch Us Netflix in Canada or anywhere!

The way to do this is to manually route your internet traffic though an America proxy account.
Sound complicated? It is.

Fortunately -there are several services available that do all this for you and make it as easy as a couple fo mouse clicks.

I am a BIG fan of Canadian company, UnBlockUS. I first started using them 4 years ago because they offered a free trial and I didn’t have to give them a credit card or other payment info when i signed up to try.
If you aren’t sure setting up is within your skill level- then the free trial will ease your fears, You can do it!!

Step 1: Signup

Go to UnblockUS website sign-up for your free trial. no hassles, Very simple-they even take PayPal.

Step 2: Setup your Wireless Router

When you sign uo for UnblockUS to be able to watch US Netflix from any region- they give you a 2 strings of numbers ( DNS addresses) that you input into your router settings.
This is it! It does not affect your speed or service in anyway. I PROMISE :-)

Step 3: Sit Back and enjoy your favourite programming!

You will be able to watch US Netflix, UK Netflix , Brazil (!), Sweden, and most other netflix vontent from the medi streaming deices in your home.

If you have trouble or a question please post- happy to help!

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